Hot On The Lot

2015 Chevy Cruze

Transmission: Automatic
Mileage: 62K Miles
Price: $8,400


2014 Ford Focus

Transmission: Automatic
Mileage: 68K Miles
Price: $7,900


2015 Equinox LS 

Transmission: Automatic
Mileage: 32k Miles
Price: $11,000


2017 Chevy Equinox

Transmission: Automatic
Mileage: 61k Miles
Price: $13,000

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Here is  message from the Body shop! 

If you have had an accident and your insurance says you have to take your car to one of THEIR collision centers... THAT ISN'T TRUE! Remember it is your vehicle and you can take it where you want. We can repair your vehicle to pre-accident condition, and in many cases reduce or eliminate deductibles.